10 April 2021

"Writerlicious" is featured in Flipboard's Today's Picks!

I got some fun news in my email! 

Writerlicious, the Flipboard magazine I've curated for years and years, was chosen for the April 10th Today's Picks! 

I *think* I started Writerlicious in 2010 or 2011 -- it coincides with when I started graduate school, because my graduate school gave everybody iPads and Flipboard was one of the first apps I downloaded. 

It was originally a magazine for my own personal use, but I accidentally left it public, so when I started getting large amounts of subscribers I just thought, what the heck, I'll curate it for everyone. So I subscribe to numerous email newsletters, digests, and websites in order to find articles worth flipping into my magazine for others to read.

I didn't realize Writerlicious would grow to the size it has today. 

As of writing this:

Pretty cool, huh? 

I try to add articles everyday. You do not need the Flipboard app to read Flipboard or Writerlicious. So why don't you stop by and take a look at my magazine? I hope there's something there you'll find useful and encouraging. 

Thank you so much to the editorial staff at Flipboard for selecting my magazine as Today's Picks! It's much appreciated. 

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