07 June 2021

The YA Fantasy Reading Project: Apr. - May 2021

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Well, isn't this project becoming more and more of a sinking ship! 

In December and January, I read 24 YA fantasy books. That decreased significantly to four books in February and March. And now, drumroll please... for April and May, I have a whopping TWO books completed! TWO!

I'd like to ask myself what the heck happened during this time period, but I know the truth: I read things other than YA fantasy. 

I read a lot of comics. 17, to be exact. And 11 of those could probably be counted as YA or MG fantasy comics, but my project is about traditional, good-old fashioned prose, so I left those off my list. 

I have also increased my DNF list to 6 books, and some of those additions shocked me. Truly shocked me. I've got a book that was nominated for a Locus Award that I absolutely hated eight pages or so in thanks to the pretentious narration. I've got a book by a beloved author who I never thought I'd DNF, but the story got bogged down in worldbuilding and histories and I just couldn't keep up with it. 

Life is too short to read bad books. Or books that just don't pull you in. 

So...which books actually managed to hold my attention this month? TA-DA!

These are books in a short series, Anna Dressed in Blood. And technically they're horror, but another buzzword for horror is "dark fantasy," and considering there's magic in these books, I'm calling them fantasy. 

They were quite easy to read and I gobbled them up easily. If only the other books I attempted were the same. 

Who knows what I'll accomplish in the next two months? Will it be just one book? Or will I be inspired to read even more? 


See you in August!

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