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About Me

Kristina Elyse Butke (Kris-TEE-nuh E-LEES BUT-key) started writing early, focusing on plays and musical theater, later having her original works produced at the Ohio State University Mansfield. In 2013, she decided to switch from the stage to the page and earned her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University.


Since then, she has contributed to the webzine Speculative Chic and also did subtitle proofreading for the anime Skip Beat! and published poetry with ExFic, First Class Literary, and Synaeresis Magazine. She has presented at conventions all over the state of Ohio, including Animate, Ohayocon, Colossalcon, and Matsuricon. She has also appeared at conferences in Japan when she worked as an assistant language teacher of English in Kumamoto prefecture.


She has also lived abroad in Wales in addition to Japan, and her time in both countries has informed her writing, often serving as the inspiration for many fantastical settings in her works. When Kristina isn’t travelling or writing, she nerds out in cosplay and indulges her otaku side by streaming as much anime as humanly possible and diving into manga and comics.  

Her debut YA fantasy novel, Son of the Siren, will be released July 2, 2024 from Oliver-Heber Books.

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