Proust Your Protagonist

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Proust Your Protagonist is an interview series that deliberately blurs the lines between fiction and reality. 

Using questions from Marcel Proust's diaries (popularized by Vanity Fair and Inside the Actor's Studio), I interview the lead characters from a variety of novels and genres. 

Proust Your Protagonist is a fun way to promote authors and their work. It also provides readers with an intimate snapshot of some of their favorite characters.

Submissions for Proust Your Protagonist are always open. If you are a writer, published or unpublished, feel free to email me for posting requirements!


B. Leslie Tirrell
Ichigo Nakamura from Strawberry Nemesis

B. Thatcher
Jenna Markkus from Catching Her Balance

Chris Von Halle
Gorin and Stausha from The Fourth Generation

Deanna Dee
Craig Lawrence and Molly Moreau from Critical Hit-On
Sonya Black and Jaxon Nyles from Finish Him

Frankie Stevens 
Prince Ablias from The Divine Spark  

Jan Ferrier 
Edgar from The Amethyst Series

Jennifer Loring
Blessing Adeyayo from Those of My Kind
Aleksander Volynsky from Firebird

Jessica Barlow
Rochelle LeBeau from Variant Magic

K. W. Taylor 
Sam Brody from The Red Eye

Lawrence C. Connolly 
Axle from Veins
Samuelle Calder from Vipers

Nick Trevano 
Col. Scott Columines from Advenae

Nicole Taft
Prince Gaius Astrauckas from Terpischore's Daughter

Rachel Robins 
Ava Raine from Ex Nihilo

Rachell Nichole 
Chase Masters from To Sir

Ron Shannon
Christopher Weymouth from The Hedgerows of June 
Tillie Thornwhistle from Gabriel's Wing

Samantha Holloway 
Annissa of Yora from Married to the Wind

Stephanie M. Wytovich 
 Hysteria from Hysteria: A Collection of Madness