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Bookish This or That Tag

Colorful stacks of books arranged for sale. BOOKISH THIS OR THAT TAG
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This comes to you via Paper Fury, one of my favorite book blogs on the web. Now, C.G. chose to make it like a survey and I have no idea how to do that, so I'm reformatting this book tag so I can just simply write my answers. Go to Paper Fury's website if you want to interact with! Otherwise, I hope you find my responses interesting. Let me know in the comments what your choices would be!

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Read multiple books at once or one book at a time?

To be honest, I'd actually like to read multiple books at once because then I'd finish a lot of them simultaneously. But my brain doesn't work that way. It's one book at a time for me, even though I'd rather read multiple.

Would you choose getting one brand-new book a month or 10 secondhand books but they're damaged/stained?

Oh, I would hate to get damaged books. And I want to keep up with new releases, so one brand-new book a month is my choice!

Hero to villain or villain to hero?

I'm a sucker for villain-to-hero stories. Usually I really like villains to begin with, and to see them do heroic things makes me feel warm and fuzzy. But I don't think this works all the time (see Maleficent, Disney's scariest villain that they declawed. Boo! Sometimes the Big Bad should stay bad!).

Paperback or hardcover books?

Trade paperbacks all the way. They're more affordable but can still look just as gorgeous as a hardcover.

Only reading super-hyped books everyone is reading, or only read books no one else knows about?

This may surprise you, but I'd rather read super-hyped books. They are hit or miss for me, but usually there's something in them that's likeable, otherwise why would so many people be into them?

Enemies to lovers or friends to lovers?

Friends to lovers. I think enemies to lovers is an overdone trope that is hard to pull off successfully because often enemies are actually bullies and it treads to0 closely to abuse for me.

Trilogy that never gets the final book or long series but each book's plot is very similar?

I would die if a series was never completed. It's heartbreaking. Long-running series it is, even if the plot is similar. I might be able to put up with repetitive plots if the characters are worth it.

Every book you read is 200 pages or every book is 600 pages?

Every book I read is 200 pages. I struggle with longer books all the time. Plus, there are shorter books that are gems out there!

Having a friend hate your favorite book or rereading an old favorite and now hating it?

I would be really sad if I reread an old favorite and discovered I hated it, so I'm going with "friend that hates your favorite book." It might hurt a little but I can tell myself that taste is subjective and I don't have to agree with my friend's opinion. Whereas if I hate on an old favorite, it makes me feel wistful over a lost sense of nostalgia. I might even feel ashamed I liked the book in the first place.

One character tells the story or three characters tell the story?

I think it's hard to pull off multiple POV because each character needs a distinct voice, and too often narratives sound similar. One character POV it is.

Books set in summer or winter?

I think summer is sweltering and awful so I'm going with winter. Descriptions of snowy forests and mountains can sound very beautiful in books!

Would you choose being in a book slump and not feeling like reading or wanting to read but having no time at all?

I would choose being in a book slump. Book slumps eventually end. And if I didn't have time to read, it means I wouldn't have time to do other things, either (like write!).


Mar 29, 2023
  1. ONE AT A TIME! otherwise it is called a pause LOL

  2. brand-new, baby!

  3. some third way?

  4. eBooks, check 'em out!

  5. whatever as long as it's a hot chick

  6. there's really only one choice, isn't there?

  7. 600 pages but they have to be excellent

  8. i don't got any friends (LOL)

  9. one because multiple is too jarring, like Song of Ice & Fire

  10. winter! Winter! WINTER!!!!

  11. pour moi, c'est impossible

Kristina Elyse Butke
Kristina Elyse Butke
Apr 01, 2023
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Ha ha ha! Thanks for playing!

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