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Choose Your Own Fantasy Adventure Tag

Knight's helmet and crown - the choose your own fantasy adventure tag
Photo by Jonathon Kemper via Unsplash

Today's tag comes from Booktube, from the channel Elliot Brooks, who got the tag originally from Johanna. This tag is all about the characters you would assemble in a ragtag fantasy team for adventuring! Let's journey onward!

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Fantasy Twin - name a character you can relate to on a personal level

It's got to be Josephine March from Little Women. We aren't exactly the same, but we share the love of writing and the drive to write...and when she would act out her plays with her sister, it reminds me of the time my sister and I made a radio play of Macbeth. I just identify with her a lot.

Hero - name a character that you aspire to be like

I'd like to be like Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He sort of loses his temper and has some other character flaws, but he is relentless in his pursuit to help his brother get his body back, and he always strives to "keep moving forward." I'd like to have some of these steadfast qualities.

Champion - choose a character to be your champion in a duel

Silas from Sorcery of Thorns because he's a freaking demon. I'd find a way to have him release his powers--I'm sure he'd be very strong.

Unlikeable Character - name a character you love to hate

Cardan from The Cruel Prince. I know he's the love interest and there's a happy ending, but in this book especially, he's pretty messed up.

Tavern Buddy - name a character with whom you'd want to have a drink with or spend a night with on the town

I'd like to hang out with Sam from A House with Good Bones. She was just a really fun narrative character.

Villain - name a character with whom you would not want to cross paths

It's not really a true villain, but I don't want to cross paths with a whale that swallows people.

Mentor - name a character you'd want to learn from or have as a mentor

I'd like to have Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings mentor me. He has a lot of wisdom and has some great quotes in the book.

Samwise - name a character you could trust or have as your best friend

Bone Dog from Nettle & Bone seems like a thoroughly reliable companion!

Found Family - if you could adopt one character or give them a home, who would it be?

I'd adopt Kyung-soo from An Easy Target because he needs to be protected from everyone!


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