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Comfort Reading Tag

Bed with many pillows and nightstand - the comfort reading tag
Photo by Greg Rivers via Unsplash

This tag comes from Youtuber The Book Castle and was originally created by The Babbling Bee. I slightly abridged some of the prompts, so if you want the full prompt, you can find them at the numerous links I just provided. This is really creative and kind of a challenge for me, because I don't actively seek out comfort books--if they comfort me, it just happens to work out that way! Take a look and see what gives me warm and fuzzy feelings in the realm of reading!

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The Kettle's On

A book of steadfast comfort, always there for you, makes any day better, like a cup of tea [...]

So, I have to go with an entire series for this--On or Off by A1. It's a Korean BL series set in the corporate office world and it varies between being sexy, romantic, and hilarious. I don't mind going back to reread this and am anxiously awaiting volume five to come out next.

Grandmother's Quilt

A book that reminds you of a loved one, or a comforting book that was given to you or read aloud to you [...]

My Life by Isadora Duncan reminds me of my mother. When I was young I was a ballet dancer and obsessed with dancing. She gifted me this book in third grade to encourage my love of dance and also because Isadora Duncan was such a unique light in the world. Her life was interesting and her death tragic.

Warm Spices

A book with particularly vivid prose or imagery; a story comforting in its richness, depth, or vibrancy

I have to go with another series rather than a single book. Holly Black describes the world of the fae (and particularly costumes) with such vibrant detail, it makes me feel like I'm really there.


A book that keeps you going or encourages you when things feel dark

Success is 90% Spite is a book filled with several fun little comics by Jane Zei, but I think in particular the idea that success comes from spite is kind of true for me. I think of all the people who didn't support me or wanted me to fail and I strive to do well just to spite them. Maybe that's not healthy. It's not the only reason I want to succeed, either, but it's up there.

Laugh Medicine

A book that makes you laugh out loud or grin widely, coming to the rescue on the gloomiest of days

The Sarah's Scribbles collections by Sarah Andersen always make me smile. They're fun to read when you're in a ho-hum mood.

In Bed All Day

You've got your warm drink and a cozy blanket [...] what do you read when you're curled up in bed all day [...]?

It's got to be reading BL manhwa from Lezhin Comics. My top three are The Ghost's Nocturne, Payback, and Steel Under Silk. Actually, I also like Painter of the Night and Jinx but couldn't find the right kind of art to include them here. Anyway, I'm glued to my smartphone reading these webcomics and have faithfully read them all from the beginning. As of writing this, Painter of the Night has only one episode left! OMG!

Endless Comfort

A book that brings you solace no matter how many times you reread it

I've read the original The Last Unicorn novel by Peter S. Beagle ages ago, but given my love of comics, it's actually IDW's graphic novel adaptation by Peter B. Gillis and illustrations by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon that I have revisited again and again.

Portable Hope

A book that restores your faith in humanity; faith in life; faith in yourself [...]

I'm cheating with this one and choosing a book that's on my wish list but I haven't read yet, and that's Neil Gaiman's What You Need to Be Warm. It's described as a powerful and moving poem that deals with "the reassurance that you belong." It sounds great to me! I hope to nab it when it goes on sale.

A Basket for Your Neighbor

[...] Imagine you were putting together a cozy comfort basket for your neighbor [...]. Which book(s) would you include?

I'd likely be bringing over fantasy because that's what I read. First off would be Legends and Lattes, hailed as "low stakes" cozy fantasy. Then I'd bring Nettle and Bone, which, although it has some dark spots to it, has a playful tone to it that might seem cozy to readers.

A Walk in the Woods

Though we'd like to stay curled up indoors with our books [...] we've got to venture out into the world sometimes. [...] Tell us about a book with beautiful nature writing, or a book that restores your peace.

Back in 2004 I was instructed to order this book for my study abroad in Wales. I don't remember the prose anymore, but the photography in this book is gorgeous, showing many aspects of the beautiful and old country that is Wales. I still have this book!


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