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  • Kristina Elyse Butke

Exploring the Settings of "Son of the Siren"

Colorful forest - Exploring Settings of Son of the Siren
Art from the Wombo Dream app

The Wombo Dream art app is making the rounds on social media. All you have to do is type in a description via a few keywords, choose the art style, and AI will render images for you.

I made several images for the different places in my book and they came out beautifully...not necessarily 100% accurate to the book descriptions, but pretty darn close (and Elythia is my favorite). I thought I'd share each image with you and describe the settings in the book just so you have something gorgeous to look at today!


Colorful castle on cliffs overlooking sea

Ardeth is both the capital and the kingdom. The royal family lives in the capital city and they have a castle on the sea. The castle town is where most of the population lives, and there is also a large forest called Pinemoor that dwarfs the area past the town.

This is a picture of the castle on the sea. Prince Lirien lives in a tower overlooking the ocean and he spends a lot of his time on the beach below.


Gold flowers blooming in mysterious forest

Elythia is known as the "wandering forest" that serves as the realm of the fae. It is also home to tricksters and giants and other magical creatures. Time flows differently in the forest thanks to the magical dust coming off of the gilt flowers in the woods. There are four main areas in Elythia, divided by season, and each seasonal forest is ruled by a fae couple. The predominant setting in Elythia is Autumn Wood.

This is a picture of the gilt blossoms that bloom throughout the enchanted forest of Elythia.

The Mountains of Glynna

Sharp mountain range with misty sky

Elves and dwarves live in the mountains. They have a shrine to the Glynnan elf Terinelle back in one of the mountain caves, consisting of an enormous statue depicting her as a smith with hammer and sword in one hand, surrounded by hundreds of stone cairns. She forged the sacred sword Alibrandr, for which she is commemorated.

This is a picture of the mountain range as viewed from a distance (likely from the forest of Yanna).


mysterious misty forest

Yanna is an expansive, misty forest that runs through two countries: Léandor and Asherin. It is mostly empty of people except for small settlements here and there, like the village of Pocket. It's famous for its cedar trees on the Asherin side of the forest, The part of the forest that runs through Léandor has more diverse greenery, and is darker, mossier, and more mysterious.

This is a picture of Yanna on the Léandor side of the woods.


Castle overlooking snowy hills and a lake

Asherin is another kingdom. Its main castle, home to the Queens of Asherin, is dominated by Lake Karda and the edges of the forest of Yanna.

This is a picture of Castle Asherin overlooking Lake Karda.


Northern lights above winter landscape

Perdra is the northernmost island of Asherin, so far north it consists mostly of snowy landscapes, with most of its people settled along the shore. It is home to the aurora borealis.

Getting to Perdra is treacherous because sirens like to hunt ships in its dark, freezing waters.

This is a picture of the landscape of Perdra with the aurora in the sky.

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I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures of the settings from Son of the Siren. They were a lot of fun to make and they make me feel inspired when I think about my book.