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Halloween Creatures Book Tag

Giant  monster dummy on metal slab with bright colors - Halloween Creatures Book Tag
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Happy Halloween, everybody! I did a few holiday-themed tags this month, and this one is my favorite, so I saved it for the big day. I found this tag via Blogging with Dragons. There is a question that prompts a huge book reveal with a character, so BEWARE, SPOILERS BELOW!!


1 - WITCH - a magical character or book

At left: a woman adding a newt to a cauldron; at right: the cover to Kellen Graves' Prince of the Sorrows
Witch image sourced from Depositphotos

I was trying to think of a book I'd read recently that had magic in it and kept drawing a blank until this one popped into my head. I'd read Prince of the Sorrows a couple months ago and it's another fae book, so you know it's filled to the brim with magic. And I found a lot of uniqueness to the magic here.

2 - WEREWOLF - the perfect book to read at night

At left: man in werewolf mask. At right: the cover to Stephen King's book Pet Semetary
Werewolf image sourced from Depositphotos

I did, in fact, read Pet Semetary at night time, and the scenes of Louis walking into the forest at night to get to the Micmac burial ground really creeped me out. I've been in forests in the dead of night and they can be quite scary, especially when you hear things you can't identify, and misjudge what you see because the darkness obscures the shapes of things.

3 - FRANKENSTEIN - a book that truly shocked you

at left: a tattoed man wearing a Frenkenstein's monster mask; at right, the cover to Jenette McCurdy's I'm Glad My Mom Died
Frankenstein image by Bruno Guerrero via Unsplash

I read I'm Glad My Mom Died just two weeks ago based on all the hype I've heard about it. I know this memoir is supposed to have been written with dark humor, but I didn't really laugh. I was pretty horrified at the various types of abuse Jennette McCurdy was subjected to. It was a well-written book but I don't think I'll ever revisit it because it was too heavy for me. I read it in a day and a half, though. Just couldn't put it down.

4 - THE DEVIL - a dark, evil character

At left: devil that looks like Krampus in a dark background; at right: the cover to Stephen King's Doctor Sleep
Devil photo by Alessio Zaccaria via Unsplash

I have to admit I struggled with thinking of an evil character. I've read a lot of evil people with redemption arcs, or cartoonishly evil villains, and then I thought about movies for examples, and my mind went to Doctor Sleep. I did read the book when it came out, and also enjoyed the film adaptation, and I thought, well, Rose the Hat is pretty darn evil!

5 - GRIM REAPER - a character that never should have died

at left: bloody skull mask in red hooded cloak; at right: the cover to Akimi Yoshida's Banana Fish vol. 11
Grim Reaper photo by Lilartsy via Unsplash

I'm guilty for having not read the actual manga, but I just finished streaming the anime Banana Fish and my heart is broken that Ash, the lead character, dies at the end. He lived such a hard life with unspeakable tragedy and abuse, and he dies? Sure, his death is sweet in its own way, but it broke my heart.

6 - ZOMBIE - a book that made you hungry for more

At left: B&W photo of a female zombie with face rotting; at right - the cover to Margaret Rogerson's Sorcery of Thorns
Zombie photo by Yohann Libot via Unsplash

I've talked about it many times, but Sorcery of Thorns is a book I absolutely love. And the good news is, there's a sequel novella called Mysteries of Thorn Manor coming out January 2023!

7 - GARGOYLE - a character you would protect at all costs

At left: Gargoyle overlooking a cityscape at right: the cover to BJ Alex vol. 1
Gargoyle photo by Mike Bosch via Unsplash

I like many characters in BJ Alex, but Dong-gyun, is absolutely precious to me. He's just got a sweet puppy face and he's so endearing as he worships the ground Jiwon (aka Alex) walks on.

8 - VAMPIRE - a book that sucked the life out of you

At left: a vampire woman with a bloody mouth and black sclera; at right, a blank white book on white background
Vampire image sourced from Depositphotos; Blank book by Media Modifier via Unsplash

I'm interpreting this in a negative way, and since I won't mention the titles of books that didn't work for me, I'll just say that this was a Donner party novel with monsters that was a slow slog that didn't pay off for me in the end.

9 - GHOST - a book that still haunts you

The Luminous Dead is a claustrophobic novel set entirely in a cave system, where you can't tell if the lead character is hallucinating or being manipulated by her handler. The imagery surrounding the cave and all of the things the character sees in it--real or imagined--linger with me.

10 - DEMON - a book that really scared you

At left: a man dressed as a demon with double horns; at right: the cover to Stephen King's the Shining
Demon image sourced from Depositphotos

The Shining is a classic and one of the scariest books I've ever read. Absolutely haunting images throughout the book.

11 - SKELETON - a character you have a bone to pick with

at left: a skeleton in the dirt; at right: the cover to Holly Black's the Cruel Prince
Skeleton image by Jon Butterworth via Unsplash

Yo, Prince Cardan. We need to have a talk. I think some stuff you did was completely unforgivable and I don't always think you deserve the happy ending you got. Although I think some of Jude's stuff can't be forgiven either, so maybe you two are a match after all.

12 - MUMMY - a book you would preserve throughout time

At left: a mummy; At right: the cover to Natsuki Kizu's Given
Mummy image sourced from Depositphotos

I love the whole entire series that is Given, and I really enjoyed the anime, too. I have all the available volumes in the manga and will continue to buy more as they come out.

13 - CREEPY DOLL - a cover way too scary to look at

At left: close-up of a broken, cracked doll face; at right, the cover to T. Kingfisher's What Moves the Dead
Doll image by Aimee Volgelsang via Unsplash

I don't find this cover so much scary as I do troubling. This poor rabbit looks like it's being ripped inside and out. Is the fungus its muscles and vertebrae from its body, or are they a separate entity altogether? Either way, this looks like a harrowing death for a cute animal.


All right! That's it for the October posts and Halloween posts for 2022! I hope you enjoyed my selections. I want to see what you'd choose! Fill this out on your own blog or answer in the comments below. Have fun with it, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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