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Moxie Books: November Writing Prompts

A cornucopia of fruit and vegetables, pumpkins, squash, wine, and bread
Photo by Brad West on Unsplash

These prompts come from Moxie Books, a website from the UK that's devoted to helping out writers. There's a lot of fun stuff there to look at, so I hope you check it out. Anyway, these are meant to be daily prompts (and particularly used on Instagram) but I'm using them for a single blog post!

You're highly encouraged to follow the creator of these calendars, Vicky Quinn Fraser, on Instagram -- @tinybeetlesteps. You can do the posts daily on Instagram, too! Have fun with it!

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

1 - November Goals

Well, my October goal was to get my driver's license, but I tried to schedule it for the end of October and the testing site was totally booked into November. So, my goal is now to get my license in November, since that's when I'll be testing for it. My other goal is a little bit beyond my control, but I hope to get another full request from an agent in case the current one doesn't work out. (Out of two full requests so far, one ended in rejection and the other is in pending).

2 - What's your day been like?

It's November 1st as I type this and the day started out ho-hum enough. Had a weird breakfast, got up earlier than I wanted to, went to the doctor, and the house around me is currently in shambles because it's getting painted and we moved the furniture to weird places in the house. But one good thing happened today so far: most of my packages from Japan arrived. I mailed them end of July/early August and we got like ten packages today. I can't remember if I had thirteen or fourteen but the good news is, almost everything has arrived, and a few more packages show that they are at the very least stateside, and coming my way soon. The question is, where do I put everything? There's no room!

3 - Do you have a question about writing?

It's about writing discipline. I wanna know how people sit down and write every day, because never in my life have I been able to do this. Sometimes I just don't have the concentration and focus, and the words just won't come.

4 - National Day of Community Service

So, I'm pretty bad about community service. The last time I did volunteer work was when I was in middle school. After those years, I just didn't have the time to do it with all my schoolwork and extracurriculars. And then it became college, and jobs...I just don't make the time for this, and I probably should. But how?

5 - Bonfire Night

Thanks to V for Vendetta I know the "Remember, remember, the 5th of November" rhyme that identifies this as Guy Fawkes Day. Since this is a UK holiday, we don't celebrate this in the United States, so I won't be lighting any effigies of Guy Fawkes.

6 - Daylight Savings in the USA

Why, WHY do we still do this to ourselves?! When I was in Japan, there was no "changing of the clocks" because the time never changed. It was glorious. I know at least through childhood memory that this "holiday" was originally supposed to benefit agricultural workers, but soooo many other places in the world don't bother, and they are doing just fine. Let's sleep in! Please!

7 - Compliment Yourself

Hey Kristina, you are so creative. Just keep trying and your time will come!

8 - STEM Day

I know we get a lot of important things through STEM that make our everyday lives easier, but I'm a humanities girl, and I don't like seeing the humanities quashed in favor of STEM. We need both.

9 - Crunchy leaves

To be honest, when I read this prompt the first thing I thought of were the UK candies "Crunchies," which are my all-time favorite candy bar on the planet.

Closeup of Cadbury Crunchie Bar
Photo sourced from

Nothing in the US compares. When I lived in Wales I ate these obsessively and one of my great friends in Japan who went back to her home in the UK gave me Crunchies as a present. I almost cried on the spot.

If only crunchy leaves tasted like Crunchies! *Sigh*

10 - What went well lately?

I don't want to jinx it, but maneuverability practice has been going well the last few practices and I hope I can keep it up and pass the test. Um...getting a full request a few days ago was really nice, too.

11 - What are you looking forward to?

Being able to drive on my own so I can pick us up Chinese food any time we feel like it! And of course, I'm looking forward to signing with an agent and going on sub!

12 - Your legacy

I know a lot of people have their children be their legacy, but I really don't think I'm having kids ever, so I think the only things I can leave behind are the memories people have of me, and of my writing. I've made mistakes in my past, but I hope I leave this world having been known as a kind person. And I hope my writing is out there in the world and can bring people joy when they read it.

13 - World Kindness Day

I wish I had enough money to do the things I want to do for people. I know you don't have to buy things to be kind, but I think money solves a lot of problems, like feeding the hungry, providing shelter for others, etc. If I was wealthy I'd try to be as charitable as possible. So far the only thing I do is really passively do Amazon Smile for NAMI. I'd like to just be able to throw money at causes.

14 - Wedding Anniversary

I was able to remember my Mom and Dad getting married June 3rd, but I misremembered the year. Oh well. My parents looked so gorgeous for their wedding. They were a really great-looking couple and I love seeing pictures from it.

15 - Husband's birthday!

This isn't for me--I'm not married--so I'm assuming this is Vicky's husband's birthday. Hooray!

16 - National Black Marketers Day

"Black Marketer's Day" is a holiday for celebrating the achievements of Black marketers in America and their contributions to marketing. Honestly, I don't pay much attention to marketing, but it's good to have a day of recognition like this.

17 - What emoji are you?

😅I use this emoji all the time. It's because I'm awkward and can't read the room and don't know whether or not my reactions are always appropriate. I use the 😅 emoji as a caution sign, where I think I'm being funny but am not sure, or am embarrassed, so I'm smiling on the outside but cringing on the inside.

18 - Use Less Stuff Day

This is really hard for me, as I am an accumulator of stuff. Buying things and collecting things makes me happy. And I just got back a bunch of stuff from Japan that I want to use...but there's no room in the house so they'll probably stay in their boxes, and by leaving them packed I guess I won't be using them, so that means I'm using less stuff, so...yay?

19 - International Men's Day lol

Vicky has the "lol" written that way on the calendar. So why do you think an "lol" is there? Could it be that the way our society is structured, every day is in fact international men's day?

20 - One thing you would change now

I have been having sleeping problems. Napping during the day/going to bed super early/waking up too early. I'd like to fix that.

21 - World TV Day

I love television! It's my favorite thing to stream. Right now I've been catching up on anime TV I missed while living in Japan (due to no subtitles being available/region blocking): Banana Fish, SK8 the Infinity, My Hero Academia, and more! I will probably celebrate this day by...oh my God...watching TV!

22 - Share your desk

Photograph of bookshelves, wall art collage, laptop on glass desk counter top, white chair, more books, etc.
My desk in Japan. Photo by Kristina Elyse Butke

This is an old photo of my desk in Japan. My desk in the US is a dumpster fire right now because it has a lot of old stuff on it that needs to be tossed, and it's completely unorganized. My desk in Japan was lovely, I thought. Surrounded by books (and the books kept coming to fill the spaces up--like I said, this is an old photo). I miss this workspace!

23 - What are you proud of but don't talk about?

The problem is, I talk about everything. Even if I have secrets, I blab them out in therapy (yay medical confidentiality!) so there's always at least one person out there in the world knowing my business. And I'm also a person who has low self-esteem and is in need of validation, so I will always put some feelers out there...I may mention something I'm proud of, and need another person to say, "Yeah, you're right!" or "Yeah, good for you!" in order for me to confirm whether or not I should be proud. I'm kind of messed up.

24 - Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for my family, especially my Mom, who has really been supportive of me (in particular with me coming back from Japan), and my friends. I'm still kind of wee-woo in America and haven't socialized as much (and being without a car kind of puts dampers on your ability to go out), so I still feel like I miss my friends a lot, but I love them.

25 - Black Friday

I always participate in Modcloth's Black Friday sale, but as I am without money right now, I will have to restrain myself.

26 - Small Business Saturday

I hope on this day, Mom and I will patronize the adorable Bake My Day bakery in our hometown. They make really good cupcakes!

27 - Who's made a positive impact on you?

Tons of people. I think of my friend Kathy and of the people at Seton Hill and of my sister and my friends from Japan, my brother, my mother, etc. In general, if I keep you in my life, you've touched me in some way, and I'm grateful.

28 - Cyber Monday

It's going to take all of my willpower not to go shopping on this day. There's a lot of software that gets discounted, and clothing stores that offer good deals.

29 - Giving Tuesday

I know this is a more recent event from the cluster of holidays, but how is "Giving Tuesday" different than "Thanksgiving?"

30 - Celebrate your month!

I hope I can celebrate a shiny new driver's license and a "YES" from an agent!


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