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The 5 W's Book Tag

Stack of colorful books - The 5 W's Book Tag
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I don't think the title of this post is grammatically correct, but oh well. Anyway, I got this tag from the incomparable A Fangirl's Opinion, who has been a wonderful source for my own blog material (and Amy's own responses are a lot of fun to read, too!). This tag is really easy--fly back to elementary school where you first heard of the essential questions, who, what, where, when, why...and the bonus, how. Of course, these are all bookish-themed. Read on!

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1 – WHO? Who is an author you’d love to have a one-on-one with?

I really want to meet Margaret Rogerson just to talk about the types of things we like to read, about how she comes up with such cool concepts for books, and her memorable characters. Basically the conversation would be very one-sided with me just gushing about her writing. I'd probably, if brave, ask for writing advice, too, especially time management and producing regular work (which is something Rogerson seems to do quite well given how frequently she comes out with different standalone novels).

2 – WHAT? What genre or style do you most gravitate to?

I won't stop reading fantasy. Right now it's heavily YA but I keep adding adult fantasy to my TBR pile, too. The emphasis is on YA because that's what I'm writing (I've been told my voice and style lend themselves well to YA) and the basic advice is to always be reading the types of books you want to write or publish, so that's why it's mostly been YA on my plate. I may or may not get tired of younger protagonists later in my life as I approach middle age, but I really like a lot of the plots and characters in YA, so that's what I'll keep reading.

3 – WHERE? Where do you prefer to read?

Back in my home in the States it was always on the couch in the living room, and it was always comforting where my family and I would all be out there reading at the same time. Here in Japan it's on my couch-bed in my apartment, because there's literally no other place for me to go.

4 – WHEN? What time of the day do you prefer to read?

Right before bedtime is the best, or late afternoons on the weekend (as long as I'm not working on writing).

5 – WHY? Why is your favorite book your favorite book?

I have more than one favorite. Usually what seals the deal is an interesting world or premise, but most importantly, the characters and their interactions with each other.

BONUS! How do you go about selecting what you’ll read next?

Recently there was an article on the NY Times (likely paywalled, sorry) that talked about how social media doesn't sell books, and that's advice I've heard countless times, but honestly, I find out about new books through Twitter, mostly through authors announcing their preorder campaigns or when they've done well on seller lists, or through book bloggers like Paper Fury and Pop Goes the Reader who tweet about their latest posts which often list reviews or compile lists of soon-to-be-released books. So in my case, social media absolutely helps me select books I want to buy.

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This was a short and sweet reading tag, so feel free to comment with your answers down below, or, per usual, fill it out on your own blog and link back to me! I love reading people's tags and getting a sense of how they feel about books. And as always, thank you for reading my posts!


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