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The "Choose Your Own Adventure" Fairy Tale Tag

A garden of trees with green and purplish leaves with a mossy bridge in the center. The Fairy Tale Choose Your Own Adventure Tag.
Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash

This is a tag from The Fairy Tale Central that gives you different fairy tale situations and asks you to make some choices, as if you were the protagonist in your own story. I've never actually seen a tag like this, so I thought it'd be fun to try. Join me on an intrepid journey, friends!

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– Your father the king has declared a contest for your hand in marriage. But he’s allowing you to decide what kind of competition it will be. What do you choose? Is there a penalty for losing, or do the losers just go home while the winner remains to marry you?

I want to see how graceful and strong my suitors can be, so I'd require all the men to take part in a ballet competition to show me their moves and gorgeous costumes.

The next is an undercover mission where my courtly advisors follow my suitors around for a week to see how they treat servants or anyone in the service industry, the elderly, the marginalized, anyone who is different from them, and anyone in need of help. It will be a mix of staged scenarios to see what they will do as well as observation of how they interact daily with other people. My advisors will report back to me and help me weed out the assholes. They'll also screen my suitors' social media.

The last scenario is to see how good they are at letting me have my own space and letting me write without interruption. Are they comfortable enough to be by themselves, or do they need me to complete them? Do they respect that writing is my life and my profession and should be treated as such?

There is no penalty for losing. The only thing that matters is the winner, who will have my hand in marriage.

– You’ve just been told that you’re the Chosen One – the heir to your kingdom’s throne. Of course you demanded proof, but you didn’t expect quite so much of it to be brought forward. You grudgingly ask the state of the land. Your kingdom is at war with two neighboring kingdoms, a third kingdom is expecting your kingdom to ally with theirs and help them fight in agreement with an old treaty, there is famine in two counties in the north, and the barons of the kingdom are fighting over who will supply the palace with food for the next year. What do you do first?

Ohhh, this is why I could never go into politics. I know war would probably be the priority but my gut wants me to feed people first.

– You’ve set off to find your fortune but end up caught in a storm in the middle of the night in an enchanted forest…and there’s an ominous growl emitting from the trees. A warm looking cottage sits nearby but you’ve heard that questionable figures dwell in this wood. What’s your plan of action?

I would try the cottage anyway. I've been in the forest in the middle of the night when it's very dark, and it scared me so badly, I had to hold onto my sister as we walked through the woods. A growl would get me running.

I would just try to offer a gift in return for hospitality and make sure to follow the rules of interaction for most magical creatures (like the fae, for example).

– It is time to christen your dear new baby. It’s expected to invite the local fairies but they’re known for “gifting” babies with less-than-desirable characteristics (Ella Enchanted-style). Do you invite them anyway or “accidentally” forget to send out an invitation and risk the wrath of the petty (but powerful) fairy-kind upon your kingdom?

I would invited the fairies but say that the only gift needed is their presence; that would be enough for the newborn baby.

– Your fairy godmother grants the choice of three gowns for your one chance to meet the prince at the ball: a dress the color of the golden sun, a dress the color of the silver moon, or a dress the color of the sky. Which dress do you choose?

I would choose the silver gown because most of my jewelry is silver and I want to match. I also kind of want to look like Sarah from Labyrinth.

– Your cursed beloved tells you that only when he marries a true-blood princess will he be set free. Do you choose to aid him by finding a princess that can set him free from his horrible curse? Or do you visit the witch of the forest and make a deal with her to become a princess – but you will only get to be with your prince one day a year.

Royals marry politically all the time. I would find a true-blood princess that didn't love him and have them get hitched. Then they can divorce. Fairy tales don't really say anything about divorce, do they? I'm sure we could get away with it somehow.

– You’ve just completed a fairy tale adventure worthy to join the ranks of the world’s greatest legends. Alas, the kingdom’s most famous minstrel is also notorious for adding his own embellishments. Would you rather have your story lost to the world, your name and deeds forgotten, or to to be known as a hero throughout the land…just in a very inaccurate and mangled version of the story?

If it's inaccurate and mangled to my advantage, then I'm all for it.

– You’ve just been approached by a man in a pointy hat who says you’re the chosen one destined to save a magical world. Before you enter the portal to this new world, you are allowed to take one piece of modern technology with you. What do you choose?

A computer with an internet connection. I need knowledge and a connection to back home somehow!

– Your parents have angered a powerful witch in your land, and she has chosen to strike out at you to punish your parents. However, since you weren’t the one who actually angered her, she’s letting you choose your own fate: 1) sleep for 100 years and leave your parents to die of old age while you sleep, 2) be locked alone in a faraway tower so your parents will never find you, 3) lose your voice so you’ll never be able to speak to your parents, or 4) give you a fatal golden touch so that you can’t hug your parents lest you turn them into statutes.

I'd lose my voice, easily. There are other ways to communicate. Plus, since moving to Japan I've not visited my home and I miss hugging my mother so, so much--never underestimate the power of touch!

– You just found out that you have a twin, and you two were separated from birth because an ancient prophecy claimed one of you would bring ruin upon the kingdom. Are you the prophesied twin of ruin, or is it your brother/sister? How do you figure that out, and what do you and your twin decide to do about it?

I'm a twin IRL so I couldn't help but automatically think of my brother when I thought of this question. Between the two of us, I think my brother would be a twin of ruin just based on his maniacal sense of humor and evil laughter.

…On the other hand, it could be me because between the two of us, I have been destructive before (especially in the early throes of bipolar disorder) and my brother isn't like that at all. So, now that I think about it, I'm probably the twin of ruin.

I think my brother would save me from the prophecy by talking me through it and being very logical/straightforward about the situation, helping me deal with destructive emotions. (No pressure, bub!)

✧༺♥༻∞  ∞༺♥༻✧

This tag was a special 2021 event at The Fairy Tale Central and I'm squeaking mine in right before 2021 is over. But there's no pressure on you for when you decide to do this. Play on your blog and let me know in the comments what you'd do in a fairy tale scenario!


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