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The Reading Taste Book Tag

Stack of books, open book, coffee, and flowers - the reading taste book tag
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Today's post is sourced from Youtuber Britta Böhler. It's a short and sweet little tag that's fun to fill out. Some of the questions are familiar, but if you don't know much about me, it'll help you out. Read on, friends!


What is your favorite genre?

My favorite genre is fantasy. It's incredibly creative, full of wonder, and there are so many different ways to interpret the genre. I love it.

What is the most difficult genre for you to read?

Science fiction. When the story gets too scientific, my brain just turns off.

What is your preferred age range?

This could be asking a couple of they mean the preferred age range of the characters, or do they mean YA versus adult? I'm going to tackle two.

I seem to gravitate towards characters 18-late 20s. Part of me wonders if it's because this was a really difficult time period in my life. I consider it a "lost era" due to all of my struggles with mental health, with growing up, and being generally quite ill. I wonder if I read this age range because I feel like I lost out on my youth here, and I want to make up for it? I'm not entirely sure.

As for reading adult vs. YA fiction...I'm trying to get back into adult fiction but when I look for books and add them to my wish list, YA dominates. The books' premises just sound way more interesting to me. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spots when it comes to adult fiction?

Are you a character-driven or plot-driven reader?

Character wins over plot for me every time. I want to fall in love with the people I read. If I do, I can follow them anywhere, even through a plot that isn't necessarily good.

Do you have a preferred perspective?

I've thought about this, and I think I like first person slightly more than third. It feels more intimate to me.

Do you have a preferred tense?

Past tense all the way. I was a curmudgeon about present tense for a long time...I can read it now, but I still prefer past tense.

Do you like series or stand-alone books best?

I prefer standalones. I'm not against series, but I like stories to clearly be resolved, and preferably in a single package.

Which would you rather read, long or short books?

Short books. I don't necessarily mean flash fiction or novellas...I can handle about 300 pages or so, but when it starts to get longer than that, it becomes more of a commitment, and sometimes feels like a chore to get through.

Which format do you like best?

Living in Japan without English books readily available has really gotten me hooked on eBooks. I love that I can own so freaking many in an easily portable device; plus I really like having the Word Wise feature where you can instantly look up a vocabulary word you don't know.

What are you currently reading?

Restart After Coming Back Home by Cocomi. It's a very sweet story with a cute romance.


Friends, what are your reading tastes? I'm tagging you because I want to know. You can answer the questions below in the comments, or link to your blog or Booktube video. I hope you give this tag a try, and as always, thank you for reading!


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