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The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

In a blue swimming pool,  a multicolored beach ball rests on the water. The Summer Bucket List Book Tag
Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash

It's June and the summer solstice is just a few days away! Summertime is here! Of course, the hot season is still in its infancy, so that means there's still time to eat ice cream, go on vacation, go swimming...make your plans! This book tag is inspired by all the things people like to do during the summer--enjoy!

The Rules

  • Link back to the original creator of the post (Tiffany from Read by Tiffany)

  • Feel free to use the graphics from the original post [I wanted to do this because the graphics are cute, but they're all WEBP files and I didn't feel like converting them all]

  • Tag 5 other people at the end of your post and let them know you've tagged them [I'm not going to do this...if you wanna play along, feel free to comment!]

HIT THE BEACH - a book set by the water

This is set in the swamps and bayou of Louisiana and water figures a lot into the plot. Lots of great imagery in the novel, too.

WATCH FIREWORKS - a book that had a fiery romance

It's been years since I read this very formative work, but the romance between Erienne and Christopher Seton was pretty fiery.

GO FOR A ROAD TRIP - a book that involves a journey

I've got to shout out probably one of the most famous journey fantasies out there - The Lord of the Rings.

CAMP UNDER THE STARS - a book that left you starstruck

I have the art book to Fire Emblem: Awakening and when I went to a convention, I had Matthew Mercer sign it because he played the lead character, Chrom. Mercer is like mega-famous now because of Critical Role, so I doubt I'll see him at a convention again unless it's a ginormous one. So I'm starstruck just to have had this autographed.

MARATHON SOME MOVIES - a book you couldn't put down

Besides copious volumes of BL manga, a book I couldn't put down was The Butcher of the Forest. So atmospheric and fairytale-like.

GO OUT FOR ICE CREAM - a book with a sweet romance

I always thought the romance between Elisabeth and Nathaniel was sweet (and sometimes funny).

PICNIC IN THE PARK - a book that was a breath of fresh air

Continuing the Margaret Rogerson theme, I'm going with An Enchantment of Ravens because I'd read some dark and heavy fae books and this one felt new and wondrous.

GO FOR A HIKE - a character who conquered an obstacle

Lirien, the main character, encounters a huge obstacle in Winter Wood in Elythia and goes into battle!

GRILL SOME BBQ - a book that featured delicious food

I don't like cooking or baking. I usually don't care about it, either. But something about the way baking gingerbread is described in this book really made my mouth water.

WATCH THE SUNRISE - a book that inspired you

I read this book my freshman year of college and fell in love with it so much, I reached out to the author through email to let her know how I felt about it. It inspired me to one day switch from theater to fiction...I wanted to write a book like this someday.


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