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This or That - Book Lover Edition

Stack of books with white flowers on them - This or That Book Lover Edition
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Another fun tag from the one and only A Fangirl's Opinion! The hard thing about "this or that" questions is there's not really room for a middle ground answer...oh no, pressure!

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Paperback OR Hardcover?

I think the ideal book is a trade paperback for purposes of shelving and more affordable pricing than hardcovers. However...I may change my mind. I keep seeing hardcovers with incredibly beautiful designs not only on the book jacket but physically on the book covers themselves underneath. But for now, I'm going with trade paperback.

Bookstore OR Online?

Online just can't duplicate the atmosphere and warmth of a bookstore. The fun parts of going into a bookstore are picking up a snack at the café while shopping, and spending time browsing and walking around.

Series OR Standalone?

Honestly, I prefer standalones. Series are an investment and I hate that I have to make a commitment in order to get the entirety of a story. Plus, if a book in a series doesn't do well, then sometimes publishers won't complete the series and it just stops. This hasn't prevented me from reading series because there are good ones out there, but I like a story contained in a single volume.

Sci Fi OR Fantasy?

Fantasy is the realm of the impossible, and that's what I'm interested in, whereas science fiction is burdened by presenting things as plausible, even if they're impossible right now.

Audiobook OR Physical book?

Physical books. I get distracted really easily listening to talking and I have to shut down what I'm doing to pay attention. Plus, I want to get through a book quickly and I don't have those kind of hours to spare with an audiobook.

Morning OR Night?

I'm assuming this is talking about when to read? Because I have work in the mornings, it's always going to be night for me when I read.

Binge read OR Slow read?

I prefer to binge read, but lately my reading has been slowing down considerably, and I don't like it when it takes me a long time to get through books. I want to zip through a book so I can get on to the next one, because I have so many books I need to read!

Books that make you cry OR Books that make you laugh?

There's something cathartic about crying (happily or sadly) with a book, where all the emotions building up inside of you while you were reading come out in your tears. It's a great , freeing process. I'll always prefer this.

Music OR Silence?

Silence. I am unable to concentrate on the words if music is playing, because I'll just get sucked into the music instead.

Hero OR Villain?

I think villains are very fun but I haven't really encountered any memorable ones that shook me to my core or got me excited. They've all been pretty "meh" to me, so I guess for this one I'm going to select "hero."

Character-driven OR Plot-driven?

Character-driven. I'm in a book for the characters. I will not follow a story without them, and to me the journey is only worth it if the character is interesting enough for the ride. I care more about people than plot, and usually character drives plot to me, anyway.

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This wraps up the this-or-that questionnaire for readers. As always, I'm tagging you. You can do this on your blog (link back in the comments, please!) or you can answer some of these questions yourself in the comments below. I look forward to seeing your choices. Thanks for reading!


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