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25 July 2021

Lirien of Ardeth from "Son of the Siren"

I am delighted to show you this incredible artwork from Juhaihai of the lead character from my novel, Son of the Siren. 

Lirien (c) 2021 by Juhaihai

Here is a quick description of Son of the Siren: 

Eighteen-year-old Lirien of Ardeth, bastard son of a king and a mythical siren, unleashes a forbidden power to save his father from the sea creature's clutches... but there is an even greater danger close by that threatens to possess him and destroy everything he loves. 

This book is a love letter to fairy tales. I play with motifs, imagery, and concepts from three stories: The Little Mermaid, The Six Swans, and Allerleirauh, all woven together in this fantastical tale of love, courage, and obsession. 


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