10 October 2021

The YA Fantasy Reading Project: Aug. - Sep. 2021

Greetings, friends. 

I'm sad to report I didn't get much reading done during this two-month period. I was busy reading a friend's book that was a bit of a whopper in size (558 pages!!) and at first thought it might be YA and I could count it, but it's not. It's a traditional coming-of-age high fantasy.  

So, after just wrapping my friend's book, I realized on the last day of September that I hadn't gotten through any YA novels during this period, so in a panic, I reached out for one at the last second. I finished it the next day, but the next day was October, and usually I don't count books in my reading project until I finish them. 

However, I'm going to go ahead and count this book as part of my September reads just so I have something here to post! 

And the other caveat, is technically it's not fantasy. It's a YA horror novel, and there's no magic in the story, but it's filled with ghosts. Horror is often called dark fantasy so I just figure I'd give myself a little leeway to count this as a YA read. Plus, it was excellent and I couldn't put it down, so I thought I had to spread it on the blog for people to see. 

I read Ryan Douglass's novel The Taking of Jake Livingston. It had been on my list for a long time just on the basis of the cover, which definitely pulled me in and let me know we're dealing with spooky things. 

So, technically not fantasy. Definitely horror. But...here we are, and I want to share it. Check it out! 

I hope for the next two months I get caught up and read a lot more YA fantasy so I can share the good books I've been reading with all of you. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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