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I'm trying Camp Nanowrimo!

On a light green background are two brown leaves, at top a stained glass-looking border in multiple colors saying Camp Nanowrimo 2023 - I'm trying camp nanowrimo
Original graphic from the Nanowrimo website

As I type this, it's July 1st and I decided yesterday to make a goal of writing 20,000 words of The Name and the Key

I've had a history with The Name and the Key on this blog. At first I was working on it, then I made a big blog post about deciding to quit and let sleeping dogs lie, but then I changed my mind after rereading what I wrote. (And I deleted the blog post announcing me giving up on the book). I'm so changeable!

It was just one random day when I decided to reread my new version of The Name and the Key, and I was happy with it. I reprimanded myself--what did I think was so bad about it?--and why did I think I should give up on it? I had something good there. So I've gone ahead and decided to keep making changes, keep rewriting it from scratch, and keep working on it as my next book project.

To be honest, I've slowed down with the writing so much that I thought maybe I should do Camp Nanowrimo this year to motivate myself to produce words again. I was full steam ahead there for a while, producing work almost every day, and then I just stopped.

I had a hard time choosing a goal for Camp Nanowrimo. You aren't burdened to produce 50,000 words in one month like you are with regular Nanowrimo in November; you just make a goal for yourself that you hope to meet, whether it's writing, editing, revising, or whatever.

I decided on 20,000 words. I don't know if that's a manageable goal or not. It's roughly 645 words a day if I write daily...but I know there are going to be some days where I can't write because I'll be on vacation out of state. So I'm going to have to produce more than that on certain days. And with my mood being what it is, I'm nervous I won't meet my goal.

But trying is better than nothing, so I'm going to try. Please wish me luck!

.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.

Update August 6, 2023: Unfortunately I did not reach my Nanowrimo goal for July. I missed seven days of writing right in the beginning when I wasn't feeling it, which put me so behind on my word counts I didn't think I could make it up, and then I had a vacation at the end of the month where I didn't write. While I did add to my wordcount -- not by much -- I didn't even break 10,000 new words. I don't even think I hit 5,000. I should be happy I wrote something, but I think Nanowrimo challenges aren't for me. I probably won't do one again.


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