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Nanowrimo: I want to, but...

Teal blue typewriter with black keys on wooden table surrounded by white flowers = Nanowrimo: I want to, but...
Photo by Prithivi Rajan on Unsplash

Ahh, here it is, November. National Novel Writing Month. Every year the excitement builds as people rush, rush, rush to pump out 50,000 words of a new book. Every year I get sucked into the hype, and every year I really want to do Nano, but I fail. Every time.

The last time I formally declared a project for Nanowrimo was Son of the Siren...back in 2020. Obviously, as we know, it took me years to draft it, so I clearly failed at that, and didn't try Nano again afterwards.

This year I seriously contemplated making The Name and the Key a 2022 Nanowrimo project, because I had already completed the manuscript once (albeit rewriting it from scratch), and while I started that book like I was on fire, the flames have since been extinguished. I have not been able to get on my computer and work on it, even with the book in my hand to look at as I write.

It's a mental health thing. It's a concentration thing. It's a procrastination thing. It's a perfectionism thing. It's a fear thing.

These are not the ingredients for a successful Nanowrimo.

So to save myself some grief, I'm not going to participate this year. But I wish all of you who are great success in your writing and that you knock out your 50,000-word draft. That's about 1666 words a day. When you break it down, it sounds manageable, doesn't it? It wasn't for me, but it could be just the thing for you. I wish you well and good luck!


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