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The Annoyed Book Tag

A cat with a scrunched up face that looks annoyed stares out at the viewer. Possibly over an iPad. The Annoyed Book Tag.
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This is a book tag I found on YouTube from jessethereader and it looked like it would be fun to do! Jesse found it through the original creator, booksimnotreading and it contains a few questions that are all about things in the bookish world that annoy you. Let's get to it, shall we?

1. Do authors ever do things that you find annoying? Share an example.

I don't like it when authors are writing in first person POV but use vocabulary or prose that the character wouldn't naturally use on their own. How many teenage girls use "susurrus" in a sentence in natural speech? It's the author's voice invading the character's. There needs to be a clear separation there.

2. Have you ever been annoyed by a spoiler? Even something as simple as someone else telling you there's a great twist?

For some reason I've been lucky enough to not be spoiled when it comes to books. There has been some manga spoilers, though, that annoyed me thanks to social a major character death. I'm still reeling from it.

3. Have you ever been annoyed by what was discovered in a Little Free Library, a book sale or a bookstore? Tell us what you found and why it was so annoying.

This is a weird question. Probably the only thing that would annoy me is if the book went on sale or was free right after I bought it at full price. This happens to me with eBooks all the time.

4. When it comes to short story collections, are you annoyed if there's a novella in the middle of the collection?

I don't really read short story collections. I do read novellas, though, so I probably wouldn't mind.

5. Deckled edges: beautiful or annoying?

I know a lot of people find deckled edges annoying...I think they make books look more antique. But I wouldn't go so far as to call them beautiful.

6. Other people's annotations in a used book or library book: Annoying or are you OK with it?

Nope. I think other people's annotations are annoying. I want my books to be clean of writing.

7. If there's a series and changes are made, are you annoyed or OK with it? If yes, give us an example.

Only with cosmetic stuff--like the cover art or print book size changing in the middle of a series.

8. Do the decisions of characters in a novel every annoy you? Share the book and what decisions you found annoying.

I don't name and shame books, but there was a book where I wanted to throttle the female lead because she was impulsive and bullheaded in the most annoying way.

9. Are you ever annoyed by how someone organizes their books? What do you find annoying?

I just had a flashback of a roommate who kept her books stacked haphazardly like they were randomly assembled in a pile. When I was cleaning the living room and shelves I stacked them like you'd see at the library, with the title on the binding facing out. She was really upset with me and I thought I was being helpful, but the point was, I touched things that didn't belong to me without permission. Her books were already organized the way she wanted them; I just didn't know that by looking at them. So I learned not to touch other people's stuff again and to not sweat how people organize their books. They could have a whole special, unique system that I just don't know about.

10. Share something bookish that you find annoying,

I would like to see a decline in stories marketed as "enemies to lovers." I just think that trope is overdone and rarely executed well.


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