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The Fae Book Tag

This fun little tag I found through KB Book Reviews via Twitter. And since I love fairy tales and all things faerie, I thought this would be a fun one to do.

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A FAERIE BARGAIN: Pick a book in which a character makes a bad deal / is blackmailed.

This isn't a book, but a manhwa on Lezhin called Jinx, created by the artist/author Mingwa. It's about Kim Dan, a physical therapist who meets the MMA fighting champion Joo Jaekyung and is propositioned to be a sexual partner to heal Joo's "jinx"--Joo can't win unless he sleeps with someone! The two are physically compatible but Joo is an asshole. He offers to pay and house Kim in exchange for sex, and Kim needs the money due to debts and supporting his hospitalized grandmother. The premise sounds a bit out of this world, but this is an excellent BL series.

CHANGELING: Pick a book in which a character is dropped into a new world.

It's been years since I've read The Magicians trilogy, but one of the things I remember about it are when the characters find out that the fictional Fillory from the books Fillory and Further end up being a real place and make it to this mystical land. It reminds me of when the Pevensies first dropped into Narnia.

WINGS OR MAGIC: Pick one or the other, and list three favorite books that include characters with that trait.

In Cemetery Boys, Yadriel is the one with magic. In After the Forest, Greta is the main magic user. And in Blood Like Magic, Voya has magical powers.

ANIMAL COMPANIONS: Pick a book in which there is a talking animal.

It's been years and years since I read Sabriel, but I believe there's a talking cat in the book?

FATED MATES: Pick a book in which there is a mating bond / Pick a book with true love in it.

I have volumes 1-4 of Megumi and Tsugumi and it's an Omegaverse story. In Omegaverse, fated mates between an Alpha and Omega can exist, and to seal the deal with your partner, and Alpha bites the neck of an Omega. The thing is, I can't remember if anyone has been bitten yet in the series...I know they're dating, and I know they talked about it...but...I guess I need to reread this!

THE SPRING COURT: Pick a book in which plants feature a large role.

It's been years since I've read this book even though I love it so much...I think the main plant in this book is called starwort, which is what Sorcha must weave together into shirts in order to save her brothers, who have been turned into swans.

THE SUMMER COURT: Pick a book in which the ocean or a body of water features a large role.

This is a prequel to The Little Mermaid. And of course, you can't have a sea witch without the sea!

THE AUTUMN COURT: Pick a book in which fire plays a large role.

I honestly can't think of anything but my own book, The Name and the Key. Please forgive me for the shameless self-plug!

THE WINTER COURT: Pick a book in which a character almost freezes to death.

To be honest, I can't remember what all happens in this book anymore. A character either nearly freezes or completely freezes, but I'm not sure. Just know that winter features a major role in this book and it creates a beautiful, if not somewhat haunted, atmosphere in the book.


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