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I Don't Think I Can Keep This Up

Man lying on the ground with question mark notebook on face - i don't think i can keep this up
Photo by Ryan Snaadt via Unsplash

In December 2021 I transferred my website from Blogger to Wix. This was because of a huge scare I had when Blogger suffered an attack that made it seem like bloggers had viruses on their posts, and then Blogger started deleting posts left and right to counter that. It didn't make the news or anything; I only learned about it through searching forums when I was trying to figure out why so many of my posts got deleted. Anyway, after deeming it an attack, Blogger restored all deleted posts to drafts and I was able to recover my lost writing.

But, after I learned that Blogger can just arbitrarily delete posts, I decided to switch out. Plus, there were things that I just couldn't do on Blogger and I wanted to try something different.

Little did I know that Wix doesn't let you port XML files (which is a file of the content of my original blog), so I lost ten years' worth of posts. When I got this website up and running in December, I tried to post a lot to make up for the loss in content.

My goal was to post every two days, and for a while, I was doing that. Then it became more difficult, so I changed to posting every three days.

Then I ran into the problem of running out of ideas for posting. This was clearly evident in April, when 9 out of 10 posts were tags or questionnaires. While I had a lot of fun doing them, I don't think it was the most exciting thing for readers on the blog, as it was sort of repetitive. I was posting just to make sure I hit my output goal.

I realized recently, and also with the help of loved ones, I don't think I can do this anymore.

That sounds pretty harsh, but it's getting more and more difficult to have that kind of output on the blog. It's hard to have a variety of content, to manage my time writing, and to consistently have new ideas while I'm preparing to move back to the USA and am in the midst of revising my book.

I'm not sure what my new writing schedule is going to be. I'm thinking about posting once a week now, which means roughly four posts a month. If that's too difficult, the blog may go back to "posting whenever I feel like it." But I do like the challenge of regular posting, so I think once a week is a good goal. And I really do enjoy blogging quite a bit, so I don't want to stop. But I think I need to tone down my ambition and do some more casual posting.

I will still do tags and questionnaires, but I'm going to try to decrease the amount of times I post them in a month, and focus on more quality posts in terms of more personal writing.

It's hard maintaining a website with a blog; I'm not gonna lie. I enjoy the challenge of it, but I think I need a breather!

In the meantime, thank you for reading and for being here with me. I appreciate it!


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