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Let's Look Ahead: 2024

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It's time to think about my hopes and dreams for the coming year! These questions come from NewYear2020s (the site is now defunct) and if you want to see the previous entries, check out the 2022 and 2023 look-aheads. I plan on doing these every year--thank you for reading!

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What would you try if you knew you could not fail?

Hammering out a full plot to my trilogy before writing it.

What would you like to be your biggest triumph by the end of the year?

Having a home for my books in publishing.

What advice would you like to give yourself as you begin the New Year?

Keep trying to work on consistency--in effort, in schedules, in tasks, etc.

What would you be most happy about completing?

The Name and the Key and The Step and the Walk. The third book will come later.

What major indulgence are you willing to experience?

I would love to be able to do Animate again in the summer. That would be a huge indulgence because it was so expensive the last time I went, largely due to the hotel and car rental. The guest list is really coming together and it looks amazing.

What would you most like to change about yourself?

I want to continue to get healthier. My mental health has been in turmoil for the last two years or so, and I'd like to see some improvement there.

What do you think your biggest risk will be?

I think it's trying to put together a trilogy. I have concepts for the first and second book, but not the third, It's risky because I don't have a plan, but I keep insisting that there's a trilogy in there somewhere!

What brings you the most joy and how are you going to do more of that?

I love reading BL so much. It's such a comfort to me. I'd like to keep doing that but I have a bad habit of buying it as soon as it comes out, without paying attention to my finances. So I'd like to keep doing more of that, but I need to keep an eye on my budget.

What is one change you could make to your lifestyle that would give you more peace?

I think if I was less dependent on napping that would be a step in the right direction. I feel tired all the time which is why I nap, but I also do it out of boredom, and that's where I think I need the most help.

At the end of the year, how would you like your life to be transformed?

I would like to have my trilogy's two books written and the third book plotted. That's asking a lot of me given how long it takes me to write, but I'm hopeful.


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